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Throw It Away And Play!

Running the 2020 numbers and I noticed something interesting. It was a crazy year spent way outside of my comfort zone - I started coaching VO for GoogleArts and in March I launched my Vocal Confidence business bringing VO techniques to people and teams looking to level up their communication skills. And in an unexpected twist given how much of my time and energy was being poured into these new ventures, my booking percentage on VO auditions actually WENT UP.

Wild, right?

Teaching the skills you possess to others makes you better at what you do. Not exactly an earth-shattering realization, I know. But also, sometimes we deliver better performances when we aren't so precious about our craft - when we only have fifteen minutes between helping the kids with distance learning and going to get groceries, or coaching a client and taking a shower - so we go with our first instincts and just DO IT.

Now I don't recommend starting out with that attitude - there's no shortcut for years of training and practice and script analysis - but it's a bit like doing theater, when after the weeks and weeks of rehearsal and intensive memorization and study you get to throw all of that away and just *play*.

So play! And talk to other humans about what you do! It doesn't have to be in a formal coaching environment, a pal or a partner or a pet or progeny will do just fine. But talk it out, analyze the heck out of it, and then... just throw it away.

Wishing you an awesome 2021 full of fun projects, repeat clients, and lots of time spent outside your comfort zone. Go get 'em!

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