Hi, I'm Claire. ​I am a veteran professional voice actor who has taught voice acting techniques for GoogleArts and Stanford University and my belief is that the essentials of voice training for actors – training in quality, connection and authenticity – should be taught to everyone in every profession where communication matters. My expertise as a vocal confidence coach is rooted in my ability to translate twenty years of acting training into practical and immediate actions that will transform the way you speak - and are heard - in your workplace. Since launching my Vocal Confidence business I have taught workshops on those techniques for Google, AppDynamics, Signifyd, and many other companies, teaching people across the globe how to Zoom like a voice actor. 

My Services Include:
8-Week Online Training Course
Eight modules with online videos, coursework and exercises
Weekly live group coaching sessions
One-on-one coaching with me
Warmups, tips and instruction sheets for practice at home
Understand Your Voice
  • relationship to your voice

  • your vocal baseline

  • your vocal challenges and strengths

Optimize Your Voice
  • Four Actions Of Speech

  • improving vocal quality

  • microphone technique

Utilize Your Voice
  • conveying intention

  • adapting for context

  • establishing connection

Love Your Voice
  • your voice can be trusted

  • your voice is enough

  • your voice should be heard

The Love Your Voice Framework

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