Hi, I'm Claire. I'm a badass voice actor with multiple national TV campaigns under my belt and a passionate belief that everyone who communicates for their work can benefit from learning how to do what I do. As a vocal confidence coach I teach people how to love their voices through exercises carefully designed to bring out their best every time they communicate.
   I teach for GoogleArts and have been a guest speaker on voice acting at Stanford University. What really fires me up these days is seeing the light go on in a client's eyes when they drop into the pocket and finally feel fully, authentically, and confidently connected to their voices. I deeply care about leading people to question the stories they have around their voices ("my voice is annoying" "my voice is too shrill" "no one wants to listen to that") because those stories are usually connected to false ideas about what is "professional" and disproportionately affect people from marginalized and underrepresented groups.
   My work comes directly out of my own journey and struggle with authenticity and I believe the most important thing I can teach anyone is that your voice - and you - are enough, just as you are. 

My Services Include:
  • one-on-one coaching

  • virtual group workshops

  • signature talk "How To Zoom Like a Voice Actor"

  • 4-week training "Learn to Love Your Voice"

  • small group coaching

  • signature workshop for corporate clients

  • free phone consultation and assessment

  • daily free coaching in my Facebook group

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 Mondays 10am-12pm

Learn To Love Your Voice
4-Week Online Training Course
Four weeks jam-packed with online videos, quizzes and exercises
Weekly two-hour live group coaching sessions
One-on-one coaching with me
Warmups, tips and instruction sheets for practice at home
Understand Your Voice
  • relationship to your voice

  • your vocal baseline

  • your vocal challenges and strengths

  • Four Actions Of Speech

  • improving vocal quality

  • microphone technique

Optimize Your Voice
Utilize Your Voice
  • conveying intention

  • adapting for context

  • establishing connection

Love Your Voice
  • your voice can be trusted

  • your voice is enough

  • your voice should be heard

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Online Training
Learn To Love Your Voice Workshop July 2020